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Your Fake Eyeglasses Won’t Even Cut It

Ever remember the time where you go to the sidelines and place out your cards, mana pool on your left and creatures with equipped enchantments battle it out and you proudly say “You’re down to 15”? Ever remember the time where you sit down on the couch watching trilogy marathons, like the first three of Star Wars where Ewan McGreggor was the best Jedi (because Liam Neeson only showed up in the first) or the Lord of the Rings Trilogy or maybe the last three of Lucas’ where the greatest villain in the known universe graced us with his presence, force choking anyone that shows up late at work? You have your pieces lined up on the floor with dices with over twenty faces and you know that tetrahadron collider and immolation hides are accepted jargons in your fictional world. 

Those fake guys wouldn’t even come close to this even if you combine their pretentious personas. It’s just that it has only come to my attention that someone would pass as a geek with a fake pair of glasses. 

Society has this funny thing of turning things around. I woke up one day and the geeks and the nerds are cool and that the jocks can only savor the scrapes below the jar. I’m not as smart or as geeky as the people that I know but I sure do consider myself one since I get excited with stories of heroes that save worlds from being torn apart. I grew up with a lightsaber in my hand and spending school afternoons battling it out in order to reduce my enemy’s life points from twenty to zero with the help of a white deck. 

Now, what do we have? Pretty boys trying to appear as awkward or as geeky as possible just to look adorable to the ladies. 

Stop man. You’re embarrassing us and yourself. You don’t even know the difference between a knight and a paladin. We don’t do this because we want to get laid or we want to look cool for a change. We do this because these are the things that we enjoy and you desecrate our lifestyle with your worthless charades. Your favorite character is Luke Skywalker, or Han Solo not because he’s the chosen one or the other one shoots first and gets the girl but because they are the only guys you know in the whole franchise. 

We are like this for a reason and that’s not because we want to be cool. 

The same goes to the other girls. Just because you think guys would pay more attention to you by saying that you’re playing Call of Duty or World of Warcraft won’t make you a geek darling, that’s just being pathetic.

Believe me, you guys are not hard to tell apart.

Try to do us all a favor and just be your real selves, in a nicer way. This world had enough of bullshit and you’re contributing to the pile of crap that we already have. 

Your fake eyeglasses won’t even cut it. That’s stereotyping and that’s offensive. 

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